‘Tanya From Accounts’ is Here to Save Black Friday

November 22, 2023 10:00 am in by
Tanya From Accounts - Poem Group

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events of the year, the deals a plentiful and across multiple retailer so how do you find the time to go shopping with a busy work schedule? Enter ‘Tanya from Accounts’ who might sound like someone who would stop your spending, but its all a clever ruse to help you find time to do more.

‘Tanya from Accounts’ is Amazon Australia’s Black Friday online shopping advisor on a mission to help Aussie shoppers this Black Friday by offering a service where anyone can block time in their email calendar with a ‘Tanya from Accounts’ meeting. This official-looking diary invites will provide you with a window for unobstructed shopping time, or you know.. just tack it onto the end of your lunch break and have and extra bowl of chips at the pub.

Keep in mind we have been told Tanya is not an accountant in any way, so do not ask for any actual accounting advice.

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Tanya is portrayed by Australian comedian and presenter, Tanya Hennessy who said: “Sometimes you need a little creative calender-ing to make time for the really important things in life – you know, like shopping the Amazon Black Friday Sale!

“As ‘Tanya for Accounts’ (can you put a wink wink in a quote? Well I am. Because I’m in accounts),… I am
ready to help Aussies get ahead of the Christmas rush by making the most of Amazon’s Black Friday Sale.
Savvy shoppers can book a slot with me to make sure they have some totally legitimate and incredibly
professional-looking time in their schedule, to shop amid their busy days! Plus for a very select and lucky
few I’ll also be serving up shopping advice, my fave deals, with a side of banter in an actual telephone
call. Book an appointment now by emailing your required timeslot and the details on the trickiest person
you need to shop for and let’s chat this Black Friday.”

There’s a chance also for the 20 best responses to have the opportunity to win a VIP shopping call with Tanya and a $100 Amazon gift card to spend on the sales.

But don’t get you calendar mixed up with Barry from accounts, he’s your actual accountant in the office and wants to talk about the expense claim for the “new coffee machine for the office” when you already had a perfectly good one.

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Book a meeting with Tanya by emailing and describe the trickiest person you know to shop for. You’ll then get a “super professional” calendar note directly from Tanya 😉