Skittles Launches Limited Edition Mustard-Flavoured Candy

July 26, 2023 1:38 pm in by

Skittles, known for their rainbow of fruity flavors, is about to launch a limited edition mustard-flavoured version. Yes, you read that right – mustard-flavoured Skittles!

Set to debut on ‘National Mustard Day’ on August 5, a lucky few in the US will get to sample this unique taste sensation. The Mars-Wrigley Company, the brains behind this daring experiment, is offering free packs through an online sweepstake and pop-up events in Atlanta, Washington DC, and New York City.

But the reactions have been anything but sweet on social media. Many people have expressed near universal revulsion, and the sentiment towards mustard Skittles has been overwhelmingly negative. One user online said, “I love mustard, but why is this a thing?,” and another simply stated, “you’re kidding right?.”

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Despite the mixed reception, candy companies often use new flavor varieties to generate excitement and attract adventurous consumers. In this case, Mars-Wrigley partnered with US mustard brand French’s to create the mustard-flavoured Skittles. According to French’s, it’s “sweet, tangy, and everything you’ve ever wanted in a candy.” However, not everyone is convinced, with one witty response stating, “Literally NOBODY was asking for these.”

While some brave souls are willing to give it a try, it remains to be seen whether mustard Skittles will deliver the promised ‘happiness’ for fans of the brand. The collaboration aims to celebrate National Mustard Day and follows other daring culinary experiments such as mustard ice cream and mustard doughnuts in recent years.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, depending on your taste buds), it’s unlikely that mustard-flavoured Skittles will be available in Australia anytime soon, sparing the Aussies from this unusual flavour. Would you try it?