Secret Santa Surprises Local Kmart by Paying All Laybys

November 28, 2023 12:29 pm in by

Move over Santa Claus, because we’ve got a new hero in town! In a heartwarming act of festive spirit, a secret Santa has swooped in to save the day at a Kmart store in Richmond, Victoria.

According to reports on Channel 10’s The Project, this mysterious gift-giver simply strolled into the store and asked the manager how much was owed on all the laybys. And just like that, they wiped the slate clean.

Facebook users are loving this feel-good Christmas miracle story, with tons of positive responses flooding the comments section and people saying they would do the same if they had the money.

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Kmart has confirmed the incredible event, but they’re keeping tight-lipped about the specifics. We don’t know how many lucky customers had their Christmas debts cleared, or the grand total of money involved.

What we do know is that at least one Barbie Dreamhouse and a Barbie Dreamboat were among the items paid off.

Merry Christmas, Richmond! You’ve got one amazing Secret Santa to thank.