Remember the Old El Paso Ad Girl? See What She Looks Like Now!

March 14, 2024 11:21 am in by
Image: YouTube: @tubegirl93/ Coles

This will blow your mind. The young girl from the iconic Old El Paso ads is now 23 years old! Mia Agraviador, who captured hearts with her catchy line “Porque No Los Dos” (“Why don’t we have both”), has resurfaced on social media promoting Mingle Seasoning spice blends in Melbourne.

THEN: Let’s refresh your memory. Here’s what Mia looked like back in 2007 when she was six years old.

NOW: And this is what Mia looks like now at age 23.

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Gone is the little girl that graced our screens, replaced by a tattooed, stylish, and grown-up Mia. Her recent appearance in the Instagram ad has reignited nostalgia among social media users who can’t help but quote the famous catchphrase once again.

It’s a cracker of an ad and worth a watch. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and revisit the original ad that graced our screens always around dinner time 17 years ago.

This isn’t Mia’s first foray into the world of ads since her childhood fame. The Sydneysider also featured in a 2020 commercial for furniture company Koala. Beyond her ad appearances, Mia, who works at JD Sports, shares her passion for dancing, art, and fashion on her social media.

Social media reactions to her grown-up appearance have been nothing short of enthusiastic, with many praising the clever marketing move and expressing their adoration for the blast from the past. One user wrote “Fiesta de Taco con Mingle 🎉” which translates to “Taco Party with Mingle 🎉.”

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You can check out Mias new taco themed ad here.

If you’re eager to taste the seasonings that Mia is promoting, you can find the Mexican Fajita, Mild Chipotle, and Mellow Taco blends at Coles for $2.60 each.


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