Nestle Call Time on 93 year old Aussie Chocolate Favourite

June 21, 2023 10:07 am in by

93 year old Australian confectionary icon Fantales has been discontinued.

From next month, Nestle will stop production of the chewy caramel choccies which means that they will only be on shelves as long as the stock lasts.

In their statement, Nestle said the reasoning for discontinuing the product is due to “declining sales and the need for significant upgrades” at their Melbourne based factory.

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Andrew Lawrey, Nestlé Oceania Confectionery General Manager said that, “We know our decision to stop making Fantales will be sad news for many people”.

“Many of us grew up with Fantales and have fond memories of them.

“Despite the sense of nostalgia Fantales evoke, unfortunately people simply aren’t buying them as often as they used to.”