Woolworths Changes Name of Their Chicken Kiev's in Support of Ukrainians

woolworths changes chicken kiev kyiv

Australian supermarket Woolworths has made a change to the naming of their “Chicken Kiev” products in an effort to show respect for Australian-Ukrainians. The small change was discussed with The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations and was done to stand in solidarity with Ukrainians living in Australia.

Woolworths will move towards changing the name of its own brand 'Chicken Kiev' to 'Chicken Kyiv' to recognise the true name of the capital city of Ukraine. 

A Woolworths Group spokesperson said as Kyiv is the globally recognised name, it’s important that it is reflected in the naming of the product. They said:

“In our discussion with the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations, we heard this was a small, but meaningful change we could make to stand in solidarity with Ukrainians living in Australia.

“Kyiv is the globally recognised name of the capital, so it’s only appropriate we reflect that in the labelling of the product.

“The name change will be made immediately online, and gradually roll out to our own brand products and signage in-store in the coming weeks.

chicken kyiv woolworths
Woolworths has changed the name of their Chicken Kiev to Chicken Kyiv. Image Credit: (Woolworths Online)

With every purchase made on their own-brand Chicken Kyiv’s, Woolworths will make a donation to the Australian Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal with a goal of $100,000. Fifty cents from each pack will be donated over the next four weeks. The Woolworths Group spokesperson explains:

”For the next four weeks, we’ll make a donation to the Australian Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal for each pack of own-brand Chicken Kyiv our customers buy, with a goal of raising more than $100,000.”

Stefan Romaniw, Chairman of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations, explained the importance of the small change, saying:

“Woolworths gets it - Ukraine is different to Russia. Ukraine has its own language, its own culture, its own history. That’s why using the Russian spelling for the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, in ‘Chicken Kiev’ has always offended Ukrainians.

“The change being made by Woolworths shows respect for Australian-Ukrainians. It’s also a local action about a global issue. By changing the name of Chicken Kiev to Chicken Kyiv, a major Australian business has shown it stands with Ukraine in support of democracy, decency and peace.

He also hopes others can follow and make the same changes, saying:

“We hope other food providers can make the same change Woolworths has made. As Ukraine continues to suffer, we invite all Australian businesses to consider how they can be socially responsible and incorporate their values into their business practices.”

Woolworths has already changed the naming of the product online on their website and the change will flow into their deli signage, catalogues and product packaging in the following weeks.

The name change will only apply to their own brand Chicken Kyiv and their deli Chicken Kyiv. Woolworths says although they do carry products from other brands, the decision rightly sits with the supplier to make.

Woolworths has also run internal fundraising for the Australian Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal, with $10,000 raised to date.

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