The internet responds to Facebook's name change

fb meta

The big news this morning is that Facebook the company has changed its name to Meta as part of a move to bring all its products together in one place.

Facebook the social platform will remain the same as will its apps Instagram, Messenger, What's App and Oculus. 

The rebrand to Meta reflects their new focus on creating a "metaverse" where people will connect in 3D virtual reality, which they see as "the next chapter of social connection".

I'm not sure about you, but we're getting serious Ready Player One vibes, the movie based on the book by Ernest Cline where people live in a world connected to virtual reality headsets 24/7.

Of course, the internet has had plenty to say about the change, especially given Facebook is facing increasing criticism over privacy and ethical issues and doesn't seem to be addressing them so this rebrand feels like a meangingless name change - and a sad infinity logo to boot.

We've collected the best so far - enjoy!

 Image: Facebook/Meta