New Alien Game Revealed as Multiplayer Survival Shooter

It's been a long time coming but Cold Iron Studios has finally provided a glimpse at the video game being worked on that is based within the “Alien” franchise called "Alien Fireteam".

The game allows three-player teams who fight the alien swarms as a co-operative third-person survival shooter.

Storywise the tale seems to take place after the original trilogy by over 20 years. 

You are deployed as a Marine to battle enemies across four campaigns in the outer rims.

The options are also there to play in in co-op with two friends or single-player alongside two AI teammates.

A unique "Challenge Card" system also lets players mutate each mission, offering a new experience with every playthrough.

“Aliens: Fireteam” is set for release at the end of the year for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PS4, and Steam.