Free Food and Entertainment For Everyone Coming This March

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Coming this March, the NSW Government will be launching their Dine and Discover NSW campaign in an effort to boost the economy.

So what does that mean for you and me? Free Food and Entertainment. Bring it on!

How does Dine & Discover NSW work exactly?

For starters, you need to be aged 18 and over to be eligible.

So if you have passed that barrier, then you could be looking at $100 in vouchers.

The next step is that you need to have a MyService NSW account.

One of the easiest ways to do that is via the Services NSW app for either Apple or Android phones.

Once you do that, you will receive (in March 2021) 2x 25 vouchers for eligible pubs, clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants.

And 2x 25 vouchers for eligible entertainment and recreation like live music and art venues.

The vouchers can not be used towards retail, tobacco, alcohol, gambling or accommodation.

How can I find out what businesses will take my vouchers?

You can perform a search using the Services NSW app for participating businesses in your area.

If you own and operate a local business, get in quickly and register your business now so you can take full advantage of this scheme.

Just make sure you are in one of those categories and that you are registered as COVID-Safe and have a Covid Safety Plan in place.

To find out more, visit Dine & Discover NSW on the NSW Government Website