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An invasion of personal space


A study in England has found 1 in 4 snoop through their partners phones, usually while they sleep using their partners hand to unlock the device with the fingerprint.  Is this an invasion of personal space?

More than 2,000 people, couples were asked the question about snooping on their partners phones and social media accounts. A fifth of men admitted to doing this. The study also showed it was more likely to be the younger ones in relationships, and mostly women who would snoop to make sure their partner was not cheating on them. Older generations did't seem to take part in this sort of behaviour. It also showed that half of the group had ended their relationships after going through social media and phones. Six in ten in the study said "sexting" was not a form of cheating. While the other four in ten said yes it was. It was also discovered it was due to being tagged, or tagging of someone in social media was the main reason that some felt the need to become a Sherlock Holmes. One in nine said that they believe kisses at the end of a text message constituted betrayal, while six per cent said that simply liking somebody else's post on social media was an indication that their partner was being unfaithful. With so much of our lives now on social media, is it becoming that lines of trust and cheating are becoming blurred?

This has me thinking, who is betraying who? If you are in a relationship and think that the other half isn't being faithful to you, is not better to ask them face to face? Rather than go through their personal items? I am torn here. I do believe that a persons phone is theirs and is a no go zone, unless asked. Just like a handbag or wallet. I also believe that if you have to resort to this sort of investigation work, then the relationship has some real issues.

What are your thoughts. Is it OK to go through your partners phone and social accounts or not?

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