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A desensitized world


Since last Friday as the news broke of the terror in Christchurch New Zealand, debate has begun about how social media could of shut down the live feed from being viewed and shared. For me I hate regulations around anything we do. Though I do see a need for these platforms to take a hard look at themselves and limit those who can live stream anything.

I don't believe that everyone who has an account on any social media, needs to have the option to live stream. I also don't believe people who blog for a living need to have access to this service. I do think that if live streaming is to remain a part of social media networks it needs to be only reputable news services that have the option to live stream events/news stories. Even then I am dubious about allowing it at all.

It is a fact that as the web and social media has grown, that we the public have become thirsty for fast news. Meaning we want a story to hit us as it happens, pictures and all. Along with this comes, what I believe to be desensitization. I did see the footage from inside the Mosque and at the time of watching it, I thought it looks just like a video game. Later I felt ashamed that I didn't feel terrible for those that were massacred.  50 people died at the hands of a radical. No matter what or who, they are fellow human beings. Mothers, Fathers, sisters, brothers and I should of felt more than I did at the time. I blame this on constantly being able to see these sort of images on live feeds on social media.

It is now time that these platforms had some heavy regulations around what they can and cannot do, I don't say that easily. Live streams are not needed for everyone. They all need to stand together and shut that preference down before this sort of heinous crime is committed again and streamed for everyone to see. Including children. I also believe that the world wide web needs tighter constraints around what can be viewed by searching. Web search engines and social media need to be held accountable for what people can do, These are mega money making companies with little laws around them. Almost law makers of their own.

I really do want to know your views. What would you have social media giants do, to make sure this never happens again?

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