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That sinking feeling


Have you ever been on a plane, or anywhere really and thought, "Oh, crap I forgot something?" That horrible sinking feeling.  Just like from the movie Home Alone when Kate McAlister remembered leaving Kevin at home.  Well it has happened in real life. A woman on board a Saudi Airlines flight remembered after take off that she had left her baby in the airport terminal. How scary would that be?

The plane had taken off from Jeddah and was making it's way to Kuala Lumpur when the woman remembered her child. She told the cabin crew that they needed to turn around and they passed this on to the Captain, who contacted King Abdul Aziz International Airport air control to ask permission to turn back. Yes, permission was granted.

On social media some people have praised the Captain for thinking of the woman and her baby and reuniting them, while the keyboard warriors have slammed the Mother for being so forgetful.

So the next time you are heading off somewhere. Run through the checklist carefully:

  • Lights off.
  • Iron off.
  • Stove off.
  • Animals taken care of.
  • All family members accounted for.
  • Door locked.
  • Bags all packed and in the car.
  • Clean underwear.
  • Tooth brush

I am sure you get the picture.


Photo credit: Aero Pixels from England [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

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