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Family ties and tech.

FB_IMG_1526336747193 (1).jpg My two sisters and I on the tricycle at our Grandparents place mid to late 70's.

Is there anything better than family? Your Nan and Pop. Your mum. Your dad. Aunties, Uncles, nephews and nieces and the pains in the backside. Brothers and Sisters. Now imagine at a young age you lost a parent. I for one could not say how that would affect me. Also imagine that your parent was someone famous. Like Elvis Presley. Would it then be harder to take? Lisa Marie Presley has lived this for the past 40 plus years after the King of rock and roll died. She has remained in the spotlight through her life. We all know of the trauma of addiction and failed marriage and the list goes on.

Well for Lisa Marie technology has put her and her father together in a duet. Bringing together the family ties and tech has produced a new song, 41 years after the King died. Lisa Marie in a recent interview in Britain said she talks to her dad from time to time. Well not talk, but pull from filed memories to get through hard times. It was also the case for this song. She said in the interview, "it felt like a hand came down to me".

No matter what the force was it has seen many shed a tear as both Elvis and Lisa Marie are brought back together in this song, Where No One Stands Alone. There are never seen before photos and footage of the King of rock and roll along with his wife and daughter, as a family, not as the King.

Enjoy this wonderful video. The King and his Princess are in the building.

Photo credit. Pete Holland. A happy family snap.

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