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Celebration of love or over commercialized


Roses are red. Violets are blue is today a celebration of love? Or just over commercialized?

Valentines day relates back to the Roman Empire days and a Priest named Valentinus, Valentine of Rome and also the Valentine of Ternie. Now Valentines Day has been celebrated throughout the Western World as a religious day, sharing love for one another. It began with the giving of Valentines cards, flowers and confectionery and was set to happen each year on February 14th. Which is the day we know.

Over the centuries, decades and years, Valentines Day has become a multi million dollar day for those who deal in cards and flowers. Has it become too commercialized? Maybe. When you think about it though. Has Christmas, Easter, Fathers, Mothers Days along with birthdays all become too commercialized? Are these all now day that retailers prey on the public so they can make money? My answer is yes. Is it right? Or is it wrong that this has happened?

Back to Valentines Day. Is Valentines Day, as it first began. Just for those in love? Or is it more for those who are seeking love? Does Valentines Day still need to be a day we celebrate love for one another? Should not every day be the day in which we celebrate our feelings towards another human.

So many questions and I don;t know the answers. So today my wife will receive a card and flowers as she does each year. Her response will be the same as every other year. " Why did you waste money on these, I didn't think we celebrated Valentines?"

No matter what the response is that you receive. Share the love today and every day. For those that are single. Show someone you have feelings for them too. Give them a card. Flowers or even chocolate, cause if you don't. Someone else just might.


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