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The world of everything


The world of everything at the touch of a button has arrived. These day more and more people use texting, or social media to chat with others. Instead of picking up the phone, writing a letter or even visiting. With the growth of technology are we losing the art of conversation? I would have to answer, yes to that. Without the art of face to face talking what do we have? We have a generation, or a planet were no one knows no one and no one knows how to talk. Already we see the language being broken down with social media and text messages. This is because, apparently it takes too long to type it all out properly. 

So with the advancement of technology we have become dumbed down. The rise of the smart phone has made us less knowledgeable and less likely to know how to interact with another human. Yes, we all want news at an instant. Yes we want to be able to search the world wide web for answers to our questions. But with this comes consequences.  Ones I don't think we are ready for. Here is a thought. What if we just turn off our devices for a day, or even a week and watch the world around you. Even strike up a conversation with a stranger. You will see the real world isn't on your screen, but is right in front of you and all around.


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