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Merriwa Tennis Club 110 years end of an era

r0_357_1856_1406_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg Photo courtesy of Fairfax media. Scone Advocate 2015.

For 110 years, give or take a few, the town of Merriwa has had a tennis club. That could soon change and spell the end of an era. As Robert Smith, the current treasurer and club secretary say's, "The court has become like a fifth day WACA wicket with the amount of cracks in it". Now it seems the town may lose it's tennis club, with the current committee looking for for new people to take over. People who may have the time to send of applications to the powers that be for funding, so the court can be resurfaced. People who want to see this important community institution continue. Take a listen to Rob, and who knows. You may be the person they are seeking to keep this club alive and viable for another hundred plus years.

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