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Testing times

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Growing up we all pushed the boundary's of what we could do, or of how we should behave. Some took drugs to see how it made them feel, or to go out and have a good time. Some did stupid things behind the wheel of a car without thinking of the possible consequences. Unfortunately. Some people were seriously injured or even lost their lives due to taking risks. It is nothing new at all. It is what I call, human nature. Testing times.

In the news of late we have seen young people out enjoying themselves and doing what we have all done, taking risks. Some haven't survived. There is a way to possibly reduce the risk and even save a life. I am talking pill testing. I can see the argument for pill testing at music festivals, were this risky behaviour of taking drugs is more common. No matter what else has been put in place in the past. Isn't working. Police with sniffer dogs has caught some, but just as many seem to get the drugs in. Or, they are taken prior to arrival.

The Premier of New South Wales has said no she will never allow it happen, a stance I no longer agree with and here is why.

  1. Prohibition doesn't work. History shows us that.
  2. Pill testing at these large music festivals may stop one person from taking the drug. Those that will use the facility are already questioning themselves in taking it.
  3. By adding extra laws around security and first aide's, wont stop people taking them. That is more of here is something else while I keep my head in the sand.
  4. It has been shown in Europe, where pill testing has been done for almost a decade or more that the occurrence of people overdosing from drugs has been heavily reduced.

It just wouldn't be good enough to introduce testing though. For those that use the facility they have to know they wont be arrested. Yes, I know this is where the problem lies. Drugs are illegal. My thought is, that while they are illegal. People are going to take them and as a society the way we fight the war on drugs. We are losing, if not lost the battle. So now, let's take another strategy. By taking a different tack we may save lives and have more young people question as to why they are about to take them.

Let me know your thoughts on this subject. I really am interested to know what the majority believe is the direction to go.

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