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It is just Un-Australian

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If you have Christian beliefs, then you understand the ten commandments. But this is where we started the first "Nanny State". Since the inception of man kind, law after law after law has been added to us. Some for good and some due to the fact some goose had a brain explosion. Today we find that someone has had a brain explosion.

On a weekend hundreds of thousands of Australians head to their local Bunnings for their hardware. While there, they purchase their goods and a high percentage even support a local group and purchase a sausage sandwich with onion. Well. Some bright, or should I say, not so bright spark has added another rule to the long list Bunnings already have for those who give up time to raise funds and feed us. The amount of rules was already way over the top in what you must do. Even right down to how much money you must start with and the break down of that. Now they want to tell us how to make a sausage sandwich? It may not seem that a big a deal, to put the onion on the bottom and then the sausage. But for crying out loud. THAT ISN'T HOW THEY ARE MADE!!! It has been the onion on top for ever!!! It is just Un-Australian.

They say it is to do with people slipping on spilt onion. What a croc of s#*t. Their is more chance of someone slipping on the water during clean up, then there is all day of someone going down due to a piece of onion. It is a world gone mad and over the top!!!

Is it time we took more care of what we are doing then the faceless ivory tower dwellers telling us? We are now officially living in a, "Nanny State". What have we ever done to stop this day coming? Nothing at all. We have all just sat back and said things like, "What the hell". " Who comes up with this rubbish'. And good old. " Well I don't know why they have to introduce that? But there must be some sort of reason".

No Australia. It is time to rise up against stupidity and stop these"Nanny State Police" in their tracks. We don't need to be told how to do everything, and we need to face the fact that s#*t will happen occasionally. We certainly DO NOT, need to be told how to make a sausage sandwich!!!

Let us all let Bunnings know, enough is enough!!! Together we can have them reverse their decision.

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