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Way of the future

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One thing we all want is clean, cheap electricity. At least I know I do. We need to develop more efficient and cheaper ways of developing and delivering electricity. There is wind and solar power. Hydro electricity. Coal fire power and Nuclear power. But what is best and cheapest for the consumer. What is the way of the future?

In Australia we are extremely rich in Uranium, which we sell to overseas markets. Yet we do not allow Nuclear Power stations. A bit hypocritical. Nuclear power when all the politics is taken out is safe and clean. Sure there have been reactor meltdowns. There were also reports that thousands died as a cause of the meltdowns. Yet scientists say the figures are false. Chernobyl for instants. Only up to 160 people lost there life after the meltdown. Fukushima in Japan. Not one death has been declared after their reactor meltdowns. There are around 450 Nuclear power stations in about 50 countries around the world supplying power. Not just power, but isotopes for medical as well. The first stations were built in 1950. It takes around 2 tonne of coal to run an average household for a year. While it takes 20 grams of Uranium to do the same. So why do we have such a fear of them?

Renewable energy is what the Australian Government are looking at for the future. But would this not be more viable if it was used with Nuclear power. To provide us with, safe, cheap and clean power? Would it not be more advisable to use more than one source? And with gas and coal. How long can we keep mining it? How is it affecting the planet on which we live? Both gas and coal extraction are expensive, that is why our electricity prices are so high, compared to countries using nuclear power. They pay up to around 75% less to what we do. 

So is it time for change of Australian laws to allow the development of Nuclear Power Stations to help with the stress of us the consumer, and for the future of our country and planet. In a word. Yes.


Let us know your thoughts.

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