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Time to change the terminology

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Too many times we here of the tragic loss of life at music festivals from overdose on, "party drugs". We now have the NSW State Premier saying she will ban all festivals that play this sort of party music. Not the answer.

The answer starts with the way this portrayed in the media. There is no such thing as, " party drugs". We do have, illegal drugs. Drugs that are against the law and will see you face court on criminal charges. The talk of them being socially acceptable has to stop.

The fact that people of many ages see taking certain drugs as OK, is what is killing people at these festivals. So, is it down to the operators, promoters and the venue to ensure these drugs don't get in? Too right it is. It is up to the organizers and the others to make sure they have security to search bags and people entering. They have to have police on hand, with sniffer dogs. To stop illegal drugs from getting in. They then charge those with the drugs. The rubbish about testing the drugs inside at the festival. Is absolute stupidity. THE DRUGS ARE ILLEGAL!!! It is time that the organizers, promoters and the venues of these events faced criminal charges.

In the end. The war against illicit drugs will be a never ending battle. Education and changing our terminology will go a long way to keeping people safe. Charges against, as I have already said, the organizers, promoters and the venue need to happen. Also charges against those carrying the drugs.

Let me know your thoughts. Do we change the terminology around certain drugs to reflect the fact they are illegal? Or, do we have testing stations at these events?

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