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I need to change please and sorry.

John_Millman_(19061832879).jpg Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

I don't know about you, but I have never seen a tennis player ask their opponent if they could go and change their clothes as they are too wet. I'm sorry I can't stop sweating Australia's newest tennis star said to his opponent today in the US Open.

John Millman was play Novac Djokovic when during the set he had to ask if could go and change. Novak, known as the joker said he didn't mind as he could use the break. The joker than made out he wanted room service. This was all done during a tight match with the scores locked at 2 all in the second set and Millman seeming to have the upper hand. The break did the joker well though taking the second set. In the third at time of writing this. Millman had just broken the jokers serve and seems to be on top in the set.