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Man or nature

3D_Earth.jpg   Photo credit: Wikimedia commons. 3Dearth.png

It has been said for years now that the planet is warming. That storms are becoming more frequent. Droughts are becoming worse. There are more volcanoes erupting and earth quakes happening. Is it man or nature?

Now I am a firm believer that the planet isn't warming or these other things are not happening as Governments have us believe. I believe it is the planet it self. We have been through times where the climate changed due to the amount of eruptions. We have been through ice ages. We have been through times of extreme storms. Yet we only talk about the last 100 years of records due to it fitting an argument. It is also confirmed that our poles change. Which means climate changes around the world. Earth evolves and turns. This is natural not man made. Yes I do think we have made some bad choices for our future and the planet.

Just like every planet we have discovered, they all are volatile and have issues that can destroy them in the blink of an eye. Planets too close to the sun. Planets too far away from the sun. Planets that experience constant storms and have no water. Then there is Earth. We live on molten, rock. We have plates that constantly move and cause earth quakes. We have storms, we have heat and cold and this has gone on since time began. So why now are we so caught up saying it is all man made? Why can we not accept that is just nature going through natural cycles?

For all of my schooling I was taught that nature goes in cycles. Now, we teach it is all man's fault and we have stuffed the planet for the future. Why? We are told sea levels are rising due to ice melting. Try getting a glass with water in it. Place in ice cubes and measure if the water level rises as the ice melts. You might be surprised at what you find.

Here is what I see is fact. We were taught one thing, but are now told to believe another. We also know that records, no matter how old they are. Are made to be broken. Sure, It is terrible the images of natural disasters and the things as a human race we have to endure. But in the end is it we are seeing more of this thanks to instant news and images. With that last thought in your head. Does this then make world Government arguments of climate change more relevant? That is what they have us believe.

We can do things to improve the planet we live on. But unfortunately. Like all other planets. The Earth is volatile.