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A world that has lost the way

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We now live in a time when everything should be easier. Less complicated. We have knowledge at our finger tips and can access news and other events instantly. So why do we live in a world that has lost the way? The way to have fun and enjoy life. A world where phrases are just that. A world where a child can be a kid and use their imagination. A world that isn't sensitive to every little thing.

Growing up I would be outside playing until the street lights came on. I would have imaginary wars with toy guns and my friends. We would build forts and just have fun using our vivid imaginations. In other words. Boys being boys. Kids being kids. My sisters would play with dolls and have tea parties. Girls being girls. We all survived and grew to be adults. 

These days, and I know I now sound like my grandparents, every time you open a paper. Turn on the news, or open social media. There is someone crying that someone had used a normal every day phrase and they are offended. It has upset them. So the nanny state police step in and say. This cannot be used. Due to person A being offended.

Then you have the fun police. Who I think want kids to be more responsible and not play with toys that are, " gender specific". Or, to play with violent toys, like a toy gun. What about toy cars and trucks? Are they allowed? Especially now they are used in terror attacks. Should we ban them as well? It really has me tearing my hair out. Yet we leave violent video games, where people are shot and blood splatters. Games were you rob and steal and bash people on the shelves for all to purchase. I feel this is where we become desensitized to the real world around us and are becoming more violent to one another.

With the all the changes. It has only become harder and more stressful. This is maybe to the, "fun police"' and the nanny state we are becoming. Bring back the times before computers, mobile phones and everything having to be instant. A time when the world was sensitive to real issues, and not just because. A time when you knew you hard to earn the top jobs. A happier time. Playing in the dirt. Falling out of trees. Capturing your mates fort.

To me. I am starting to feel old. As I do not understand when the world changed to what we have. The expectation of entitlement. A time because someone held a door open, that they are sexist. A time where people respected people more. As a race we are, and probably already have lost our way.