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Not what it is cracked up to be.

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All my life I wanted to live in a small country town. The thought of everyone knowing everyone and stopping for a chat is the way I think life should be. Looking out for one another. But it's not what it is cracked up to be.

In fact. I have found it just TV fantasy. The truth is. Living in the country is hard, even if you are not working the land. People are stand offish until you have been around for some time. I found the first question that I was asked was. " Do you own or rent your home?" If you said rent. Then the local town folk were less likely to even smile when they saw you down the street. 

I have also found that country towns are very down on any change. Anything that may drag them into more current times, is frowned upon, and they come along eventually. Kicking and screaming. The thought mentality, is. It's been this way for so long. Why change it? Country town, Australia wide have this problem. This is what stops the spread from the cities to the country. It stops big business from wanting to relocate. Which in turn would create jobs. Then all would benefit. But, first the mind set of country people would need to change. They would have to open their minds to change in which the towns they reside would benefit. 

Country living is hard. It is lonely and is not how TV and the like have us believe it is. For me the experience I always wanted, has been a massive disappointment. To all that live in the country. Approach everyone with an open mind. Never think you are better than any other person you meet. Show the world you and the town you live is caring and open to change. Once this is done then all who reside will benefit. 

I must say though. If someone is in desperate need of support. Country towns seem to rally together to help out.

Let me what you think. Is the mentality of country living that has us suffering with mental health issues more than the city dwellers? Or, is it to do with travel distances that need to be covered? The feeling of being isolated.


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