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Learning to drive

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One of the hardest things in life is learning to drive. There is just so much to get your head around - watch for pedestrians, watch for other drivers.

Animals, speed signs and the list goes on.

These days it is all about the gadgets in a car, to keep us entertained and to keep us safe. Though the latter is not always so. With smarter cars and mobile devices, distractions have increased and plenty just don't see the dangers.

There is also one more thing that this week I have been shocked to learn. How many people, do not know how to change a tyre.

Before I even got behind the wheel of a car, I was taught to check oil, water and other important fluids to keep the car running safely and properly . I was also taught how to change a tyre. These tasks seem to be a thing of the past. I see driving as more than just getting behind the wheel. You need to know how to check fluids. You need to know how to change a tyre and you also need to know how to change blown fuses and light globes. It is called general maintainence.

I would love to see in our school system, a drivers education program. But for some reason we don't have this, due to the costs. Is it not better to spend the money when our youth are learning to drive? Would it not teach them the basics of driving and general safety maintenance? It would be money well spent! Money that would see the road toll drop significantly, I feel.

The reason some don't know how to, is because they say they have road side assistance. Phones still have plenty of no reception areas throughout the country. You leave major towns and cities and you can struggle to have any phone reception. So to know the basics of maintenance would (and should) be a priority!

I think it is time that Governments got serious about driving, and spent the money in our schools to be teaching this. As I said, it is one of the most difficult things that we learn how to do. Unless a student has done the education, they should not be able to sit a test. I also think that safety maintenance should be part of a car licence test - as it is with heavy vehicle licences.

Let me know your thoughts. Am I alone on this? What are your thoughts.

Driving is a priviledge. Not a right given to you when you get to a certain age.


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