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National pride

20180425_093142 (1).jpg Ready to lead the 2018 ANZAC Day march in Muswellbrook.

Another ANZAC Day has passed. Another day of national pride on display for all to see. Here in Muswellbrook it was wonderful to so many people turn out to honor service men and women for giving their time and their lives in many cases to give us what we have today. Thousand lined the streets for the march.

It is a day that displays the love we have for our country. Yesterday was as much about those who have served and those who are currently serving, and those who will protect and serve our great nation in the future.  As it is about our national pride.

To see the local schools turn out and march. To see the preschoolers marching along side older men who have been there and done that, for me was touching and emotional. To see the men who no longer could march, but had the opportunity to do so with the help of their community was a pull at the heart strings.

I found the whole day emotional as I stood on the street watching these men and women march. Proudly displaying their medals. Proudly displaying their love for Australia.

To stand and listen to the service after the march and the involvement of the primary and high school students was very touching and when two old war planes flew overhead, I saw some reduced to tears. To see and hear everyone stop when the bugle began and a minute silence was held. Even had more tears flow. 

I will admit. It had been sometime since I had witnessed, either a march or service. The emotion and national pride that was felt by all will now have myself, my wife and our daughter back each year to pay our respects to our past and present servicemen and servicewomen.

20180425_094801 (1).jpg  The young, the old proud ready to march in Muswellbrook for ANZAC Day.

20180425_094826 (1).jpg Another proud digger not letting anything stopping him from being part of the ANZAC Day march in Muswellbrook. As is said in the ode. " Age shall not weary them".

Lest we forget.

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