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Weight of the problem - week 5

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Week 5 and the weight of the problem no reduction this week. This could be due to a couple of factors. One. We had Easter, yes I ate some chocolte. Though not all that much really. Two. I went to my daughters engaement party on Saturday. The food was lovely. But, everything was processed and not what I have been having. Yes I enjoyed every naughty bit of it.

What has it done though? It has shown me that processed foods, even in moderation are no good for my body. I am someone who thinks about eating "bad" foods and weight goes on. I also found, by reading the packages of so called healthy foods. That not is all as it seems. So now. We make our own baked sweet potato chips and apple chips with wallnuts. Sure it all takes time in the preperation. But the results are worth it. My wife has been doing this healthy eating for a few weeks longer than myself and does more regular exercise and the results are amazing.

For me this week though I sat about the same weight. Take a look below at the results.

Week 1: 104.4

Week 2: 104.9

Week3: 103.2

Week 4: 101.6

Week 5: 101.7

Green = Start      Red = Weight gain               Blue = Weight loss

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