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Weight of the problem - Week 4

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Over the past month I have chosen to eat healthy and start to exercise. The articles I write for you to follow my journey, I cal. The weight of the problem.

One of the problems I find in eating healthier. Is the time it takes to prepare the foods. I'm not going with processed foods. But all fresh. This takes time. In the end. Waste is down and so is packaging. We have become so used to running to the shops and buying foods that are mostly prepared for us. They all come in plastics and boxes. But by doing everything from scratch, waste is way down.

It is also more satisfying to prepare and make dishes from scratch. Over the past month. I have even taken to juicing to start the day, or at least my wife does the juices for us. They aren't too bad either and set up the metabolism for the day ahead.

Again this week I have seen a reduction in weight. I even have had to go shopping for smaller clothes. I dropped a dress size you could say. My XXXL shirts are swimming now and XXL fit quiet nice. I dropped from 102 pants down to 97 in the waist. All this in just one short month.

Take a look below at the results so far. There is no looking back now. Failure is not an option.


Week 1: 104.4

Week 2: 104.9

Week 3: 103.2

Week 4: 101.6


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