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Heading south - The weight of the problem week 3


Over the last few weeks I have changed the way I eat and given you a weekly update on what I call the weight of the problem. After the first week when I saw weight increase. I was disheartened to say the least. This week though I can report that The weight. or at least the scales are heading south. I have seen a decrease in weight. Which I will show at the bottom of this article.

The main reasons for wanting to drop a dress size or two are simple. I have children and grand children as well. I also have type 2 diabetes, which being honest I have not regulated properly. To be here on earth for another 40+ years I need to make changes. This means exercising more than in the past, plus losing weight for my health and future. My doctor has said recently how much I need to lose to achieve the possibility of reversing my condition. Yes type 2 diabetes can be reversed with a proper diet and exercise regime.

This is what I am endeavouring to do. This will help to reduce the chance of heart attack, lose of eye sight and or limbs. It can be difficult to control diets, though I'm not calling it a diet. Healthier eating is my terminology, especially when out and about. But my thinking and a key to success is that everything in moderation. Having foods that are not so great is not the end of the world and a way of achieving the end goal at the same time. How I can hear you ask. If you allow yourself small breaks, for what are called, "comfort", foods. Then you may be more inclined to keep with the healthier eating. Also to set small goals. My first goal is to lose 5 kilo. Then another 5 and so on until i achieve the master goal. By setting smaller achievable goals and allowing yourself little treats, once a week. Then the master goal is closer than you think.

Here are my results so far.

Week 1: 104.4kg

Week 2: 104.9kg

Week 3: 103.2kg


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