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Tomic. Misunderstood or just a spoilt brat?

2014_US_Open_(Tennis)_-_Tournament_-_Bernard_Tomic_(15116278646).jpg photo credit: Wikimedia Commons US Open 2014

Bernard Tomic is a gifted tennis player and at a young age started on the world professional tour. He quickly started to climb through the rankings. In the past couple of years he has displayed a spoilt brat mentality towards the game and fans.

The past year he hasn’t played much at all and has dropped well down the rankings. He also missed qualifying for the Australian Open this year and went into the jungle, on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Now again we have seen Tomic the Tank, well, Tank. He quit. Unfortunately, this is what we have come to expect from him.

What I see though is more worrying for this young man. I see someone who has been pushed to succeed all his life. Someone who is now showing signs, that mentally things are not right.

He said when quitting the jungle that he realises what he needs to do. That he needs to play tennis. He also said he doesn’t like tennis. So why does he think he needs to get back to playing? And how did that realisation come to be after just a few days. 4 at the most?

The producers and those in the jungle camp with him all seem to be worried about his mental health. I too worry that Tomic is not in a good head space. I just hope his family and those in his close tennis camp can also see this.

Bernard and many others need help when it comes to mental health. At some stage in life 1 in 3 people will need help. It isn’t a failure, or a show of weakness. It is a fact. At times we all need help. The best question to ask someone, or anyone is, “Are you OK”? this opens up conversation that will help to put someone back on the road to recovery.

How do I know this. It wasn’t that long ago I thought I was invicible and had a break down. Which put me in a very dark place. Luckily for me I have come through it. I sort help. From my wife. My GP and then a councillor. Please. If someone you know is showing signs of being unwell. Ask them the question. Or direct them to the GP.

If it seems more urgent. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14

As for Bernard Tomic. I hope he finds what he needs. I hope those close to him. Help him with what he needs to find in life.