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Wasting our money

2.jpg phot credit: Adrian van Leen Open Photo

We have become so used to Governments at all levels wasting money and telling us to tighten our belts. 

But I feel at some stage we need to stand up and say, "NO".

Opal cards are the latest. It looks that by the end of the year they will no longer serve a purpose. They cost the state millions to set up and now will be replaced with using your credit card. They say it is progression. What I want to know is. Who is responsible for the waste of money on this system that has never run right since introduced?

NDIS. Another money pit, due to the cheif organisers not understanding what is actually requiered. Again we, the tax payer is left to hold the bag and pay.

The pink bats saga. The list goes on. Money spent on studies for this, that and the other. Our politicians need to be responsible. They need to be questioned and held accountable for poor decisions that cost you and I. 

In the end. They spend it and we pay. Time for a change in the set up.