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Mercury set to rise

thermometer-1134182_960_720.jpg Picture courtesy of: Pixabay

With the mercury set to rise across the South and East of the country this weekend. There are some things we can all do to reduce the risk of grass and bush fires. Some States and areas have already implemented total fire bans. Others have suspended fire permits.

What we need to do is. One. Not light fires, or carry out work that may spark a fire. The conditions are set to be extremely hot and possibly windy as well. We know how dry it has been and it will not take much for things to turn ugly.

Two. If we do spot a fire unattended, then call, “000”. It doesn’t and won’t take long for fire to spread under the predicted conditions.

Three. We need to check on our neighbours. Especially the elderly and those who have been unwell. Make sure your neighbours are coping with the heat.

Four. Stay hydrated. This includes your pets. Make sure they have easy access to water and it isn’t in the direct sunlight. Make sure they have somewhere shady to rest as well.

Overall. Take care. The next 4 to 5 days are going to test everyone temperature wise, before a cooler change the middle of next week.

Make sure you also have a fire plan. If you don’t. Then head to the NSW RFS website and download one it only takes five minutes to do.