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Aleyce Simmonds drops anchor with powerful new single

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Heart worn highways, city streets, deserted back-roads. Like any country singer,  Tamworth’s own 2017 APRA Country Work Of The Year winner, six time Golden Guitar and four time CMC Award nominated singer/songwriter, Aleyce Simmonds knows the weight of every step.

Having spent the past eleven years in the industry, traveling the world creating and recording music, she has grown to realise what she loves about the world, music and in particular, the keeper of her heart - country music.

"Come what may and come whatever, and the wrongs we can’t undo, I’ll be the blanket at the dawn for you.."

The first song written for Aleyce’s third studio album, Anchor was penned about a pivotal relationship that helped to erase a bad past and move forward towards a better tomorrow.

 “People enter our lives for different reasons. Some stay a while, some come and go. Sometimes the impression that they make far outlives the physical presence. At the time of writing Anchor, I was in love and happy. Most of all, I was grateful that my life had been changed for the better and I wanted to put it into song that regardless of the fate of the relationship, I’d be forever thankful for that. Maybe I did that so that I couldn't change my mind and become bitter!!”

 Anchor follows the chart-topping first single, Defeated and also the APRA Country Work Of The Year announcement for the audience favourite, Greatest Companion.