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Australian Ninja Warrior, has been rating through the roof. But last night a deaf competitor was eliminated on the first challenge, and kept going. 

The rules are if you touch the water at any stage. You are out. Paul Cashion, kept going to the second challenge. In the footage you can see someone climb the scaffold to tell him to stop. The red lights are flashing, which also means stop. His step son was asked to sign to him that he was out. This was all aired. 

On social media. The keyboard warriors hammered channel nine over the incident. Some saying it was disgraceful that they treated someone with a disability that way. Others said, he should of been given another opportunity.

My thoughts are. That one. He was in the competition and knew the rules. Two. What difference does it make that he has a disability? In this world we are all supposed to be equal. If he was given a second chance. Then he has become segregated. Isn’t it all about breaking down barriers, and treating everyone the same.

Well done to Paul, who gave it a shot. There have been quiet a few who went out on the first challenge. He showed that a disability should never stop you. Also we saw Sam Bramham a couple of episodes back, who had the one leg. He went out on the second challenge on his run. So instead of the keyboard warriors bagging the show. Look at what they helped to achieve. That anything is possible, no matter if you have a disability or not.