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The universe has changed forever. Well at least the way you order your McDonalds. No more waiting in line. No more being told to park in the waiting bay. This is huge.

From today, if you download the new mymacca’s app, you can order your food before you even get to the store.

Yep, you heard right, just by touching a button, you can order your chicken nuggets, fries and drinks and just walk in and pick up your order!

The only real, small issue is. You will need to walk inside the restaurant to collect. You can't collect it through the drive through.

The app gives you access to the whole menu and even adds in McCafe rewards, so don't have to worry about finding your loyalty card. 

I wonder what will come next for the house of M. Or the golden arches when I tell the Wife I'm taking her to a restaurant.

Maybe. Telepathic ordering. Or, home delivery.