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I asked the question this morning on The 100% Hunter Breakfast Show.

If you were given the opportunity to work from home everyday. Would you take the offer up? Or would you rather go into work?

You maybe surprised to learn a recent United Nations study found that working from home was more stressful. Created insomnia, isolation and higher levels of stress for the people studied.

While work that was carried out between both the office and home, had a more positive response to how people felt.

The study found that there was a sweet spot, as they called it. People who worked at home between two to three days a week. Found their levels of stress became less. Most said due to not having to commute to and from. The only issue they seemed to have, was knowing when to finish their day.

I personally would find it hard to become motivated to get in to my work. I would find that I would be easily distracted by my house surrounds.

The only thing I didn’t read in the study. Was the fulltime worker in the work place. How did that affect their health. The sleeping. The stress. How did they compare. That is the study I would like to see.

But like any study. Just about anything can be read into the results. It only depends on the result you are looking for.

This study. Was looking for people to work more at home for some reason.