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No I’m not talking about representative rugby league. I'm talking holiday destinations.

A recent survey has found that the two cities we want to holiday at are Melbourne number one, and second is Sydney. The bottom two cities we want to visit are, Darwin and Adelaide. The rest fall in to line. The only city that did slip was Perth.

I have lived both in the city and in the country. If you ask me. The place to be is out of the city.

The cities I have been to. Are over crowded, and in too much of a hurry to get nowhere. To travel about 10 kilometres some day's. Can take an hour or more. While in the country. To travel an hour, you may have gone further than 60 to 70 kilometres.

Cities are full of smog, people and traffic. Yes they do have public transport and taxis. Multi lane roads and some good sites to visit. But overall they miss the spot.

The country have open space, and on a clear night. The best view of all. Stars as far as one can see.

I believe they missed the question of. Coast or country. For me the coast, for a holiday is the go. Though after taking a holiday overseas. I have the bug to see the world, it is only the bank account that stops that happening.

When I say coast. I am talking quiet coastal areas. More country style. Than the hustle and bustle of say the Gold Coast.

I guess in the end we are all different. With different tastes and ideas of the perfect holiday destination.

I really would love to know. What would be, or is your perfect holiday destination?