National News

Civilians rescued from Ukraine's Mariupol

Humanitarian organisations are working to evacuate more civilians from the devastated Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, but hundreds of people remain trapped in the Azovstal steel works, the last stronghold of resistance to the Russian siege.

Petrol prices on the rise despite tax cut

Petrol prices are on the rise again, despite the efforts of the Morrison government to curb cost of living pressures at the bowser by slashing fuel excise for six months in the March budget.

Libs target big tech for online safety

Big tech will be required to enhance devices with safety controls that are easy for parents to use and hard for children to bypass, if the coalition is returned to government.

UK MP quits after watching porn on phone

A British parliamentarian who had been suspended from Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party says he has resigned after admitting he twice viewed pornography on his phone in the House of Commons "in a moment of madness".