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Properties lost as fires rage in Top End

Numerous buildings, caravans and cars have been destroyed including what is believed to be a woman's home as strong winds helped fires rage across the Top End.

Nine active fire grounds were burning around greater Darwin on Monday and most are believed to have been caused by humans either accidentally or deliberately.

There are no reports of anyone being injured but the damage to properties and livestock is not yet known.

The manager of the Lodge of Dundee holiday park west of Darwin Geraldine Murphy said she knew of at least two people that had lost homes nearby.

"There are a couple of people I know that have lost their homes down Barramundi Drive," she told ABC radio.

"Another fellow was flying in today who has been away working and apparently his shed with all his welding gear is all gone too."

Dundee is a popular weekend and fishing destination for Darwin residents, with holiday houses and caravans there.

Another man had come in to the Lodge who had been caught on the road and "put his foot down" after driving through thick smoke and surrounded by fire over the top of his car and boat, Ms Murphy said.

Bushfires NT chief fire control officer Andrew Turner said he could not yet confirm whether or not homes had been lost.

Firefighters hoped to have it mostly contained by Monday night, with a small number of property owners facing $628 fines for not having compulsory firebreaks thus hampering firefighters' efforts to protect peoples' homes.

"We have not had homes or houses reported as destroyed but there have been sheds affected and potentially people live in sheds," he told AAP.

"I saw photos of a shed that was fully involved and someone pointed out that a woman lived in the back of the shed."

The biggest threats were large fires around Dundee and Humpty Doo, about 50km to the southeast.

Both had been emergency alerts over the weekend, the highest threat level, but were downgraded to advice by Monday evening.

Investigations had not started yet into what caused the fires but they were all being treated as suspicious as there were not really any "naturally occurring fires" at this time of year, he said.

"Either somebody's deliberately or accidentally or negligently started a fire," he said.

NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services chief fire officer Mark Spain praised volunteer firefighters.

"The fact that no one has lost their lives and houses, it is a good job all round," he told reporters.

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