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NSW's 'blood, sweat and no beers' era over

Fully vaccinated NSW residents have spent 106 days in COVID-19 lockdown but the era of "blood, sweat and no beers" will on Monday draw to a close, Premier Dominic Perrottet says.

On its final day of lockdown on Sunday, the state reported 477 new local COVID-19 cases and six deaths.

None of the group - all men - were fully vaccinated.

NSW on Friday tipped over 90 per cent first-dose vaccination coverage, while more than 73 per cent are now fully jabbed.

Having surpassed the 70 per cent double-dose vaccination milestone early last week, stay-at-home orders will cease for the fully vaccinated population from Monday.

Greater Sydney was locked down on June 25 due to a Delta strain outbreak in Bondi - more than 15 weeks ago.

Gyms, cafes, restaurants, pools, shops, hairdressers and beauticians will reopen from Monday and people will be allowed to venture more than five kilometres from home.

Indoor and outdoor gatherings will also be permitted, with caps increased last week to 10 and 30 people respectively.

However the unvaccinated remain locked down until December.

"It's been 100 days of blood, sweat and no beers but we're back in action tomorrow," Mr Perrottet told reporters on Sunday.

"NSW is leading the country out of this pandemic.

"The government hasn't achieved this feat ... it (was) all the people of this state, all the sacrifices they have made."

Mr Perrottet said it was the government's "intention" that statewide or region-wide lockdowns are never needed again but targeted restrictions may occasionally be required.

He also said the NSW government was working to push forward the reopening of international borders - for the double vaccinated who can home quarantine - to early November.

A home quarantine pilot program is currently underway in NSW.

Double-vaccinated residents have nevertheless been encouraged to take care when enjoying restored freedoms and show respect to workers in hospitality or beauty services.

It comes as Tamworth, Port Macquarie, Wagga Wagga and Lismore are confirmed as the sites for a pilot program of the Service NSW app's vaccination passport function.

The 500-person pilot will start on Monday - despite the need for the fully vaccinated from Monday to show proof of status.

NSW residents who have received two vaccine doses will thus need to register details through the Medicare app.

Customer Services Minister Victor Dominello said he hoped the function could be fully rolled out later this month.

"It's really hard being leaders and everyone in NSW is leading because no one else in the country is opening like this," he said.

"It's not perfect but nothing is ever perfect, particularly in pandemic settings ... what we've got to do is be respectful, make sure we're kind to one another, work with one another."

The NSW opposiiton says the vaccination certificate should've been finalised long before the end of lockdown.

"The delay of the vaccine app will leave businesses in the firing line as our state begins to reopen," Labor's Yasmin Catley said.

But Mr Perrottet said NSW "can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" and he can't wait for the app to ease restrictions.

The premier also said he remained confident NSW's high vaccination rate would keep hospitalisation rates manageable.

There are 794 COVID-19 patients in NSW hospitals, with 159 in intensive care units and 76 on ventilators.

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