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Some equipment at Mangoola mine at Muswellbrook to be shut down for the remainder of 2020


Glencore’s Mangoola Open Cut mine at Muswellbrook will be shutting down some equipment for longer than just the two weeks of the school holidays.

Last month the mining giant announced a temporary shutdown for the school holidays in September which will be a combination of temporary site and equipment shutdowns at a number of operations to align production levels with market demand.

Employees will be taking forced leave over that time.

But now also at Mangoola discussions have started with employees about further changes that includes shutting down one of the site's excavators and its fleet.

Glencore told Radio Hunter Valley in a statement that it's due to the pandemic's impact on the coal market:

“We’ve started discussions with employees about further changes required as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impacts on coal markets.”

“One of the site’s excavators and its associated fleet will now remain inactive for the remainder of 2020.”

“We are working with all stakeholders, including labour hire companies, to minimise impacts on the workforce.”

Glencore has ten mines in the Hunter Valley and are looking to reduce their production by around 7 million tonnes to reduce the pressure on the stockpiles.

Glencore released their half yearly results last month and they show a huge $3.7 billion half-year loss to June 30.

Revenue for the last six months fell to $99.8 billion-dollars down from $151 billion the same time last year.

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters/Jessica Rouse