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Bloomfield Group puts forward proposal for minor modification at mine near Singleton


The Bloomfield Group has put forward a proposal for minor modification works at their mine near Singleton. 

MOD9 has been submitted for the Rix's Creek North operation and involves three aspects including increasing the height for overburden, increasing the number of blasts allowed on a day in favourable conditions and exploration in already approved areas of the mine site. 

A Bloomfield Group Spokesperson has told Radio Hunter Valley that "the submission follows initial consultation with community stakeholders and other government agencies."

"The first aspect of the proposed modification will allow for an increase in height for overburden emplacement areas (dump height). The height increase supports the final landform function, including future use of the land for cattle grazing."

"The second is a change to blasting in the Camberwell Pit that would allow the mine to make more blasts during conditions favorable to minimising impacts. There would be no change to the approved 10 events per week however, the number of blasts on any single day is proposed to increase from two to three events per day."

"The third aspect is to include exploration within the already approved project area as a permitted activity."

Image credit: https://www.bloomcoll.com.au/operations