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Another returned traveller tests positive to COVID-19 in the Hunter New England Health District


Another returned traveller has tested positive to COVID-19 in the Hunter New England Health District. 

NSW Health reported there had been 20 new positive cases of the virus in the 24 hours to 8pm last night including four cases in hotel quarantine after they'd returned to Australia from being overseas. 

The new case for the HNE Health District is a 34 year old man, who is a returned overseas traveller from the Middle East, and is now in hotel quarantine in Sydney.

There are now 283 confirmed cases for the district since the pandemic began.

“The Sydney outbreaks particularly the one that started at Crossroads which is subsequently spread is a real reason for concern and we would strongly advise anybody from the Hunter New England region to rather stay at home then visiting Sydney at this stage unless absolutely necessary," said Public Health Physician Dr David Durrheim.

"Lots of lessons can come out of the Sydney experience particularly the fact that this virus if you give it half a chance can spread very very rapidly and even from asymptomatic people in the presymptomatic stage before they develop symptoms."

"So, our only defenses are really standing back, making sure that we take real care about our hand washing and not taking colds or coughs into the community and spreading the virus,"

"Now the important thing is if you've been tested in the past, a single negative test doesn't mean that if you develop new symptoms that you’re COVID free. It's very important to again go and get yourself tested and the good news is that the new testing regime which includes a deep nasal swab rather than a nasopharyngeal swab swap is much more comfortable," he said.

"So we encourage anybody develops even mild symptoms, the scratchy throat and runny nose a mild fever, a cough, get yourself tested, make sure you don't have COVID-19 and let's make sure we keep up community safe against this virus," said Dr Durrheim. 

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