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NSW Rural Fire Service recognising local business including Mount Arthur for being supportive during ongoing fire season


The NSW Rural Fire Service is recognising local businesses including Mount Arthur for being supporters of their volunteer firefighters during the ongoing fire season. 

“I know having staff called away at short notice, sometimes having to down tools in the middle of a job or leaving the office for extended periods, puts pressure on workplace productivity and I would like to thank all employers who provide leave to NSW RFS volunteers,” NSW RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers said.

“The NSW RFS Supportive Employers Program recognises businesses who generously grant volunteers leave to attend emergency incidents during work hours without financial disadvantage and also implement measures such as specialised leave or promoting volunteering achievements.”

Mt Arthur Coal General Manager, Adam Lancey, reiterated his thanks to all MAC employees who continually dedicate their time to protecting communities across the state.

"This recognition is for our all our RFS volunteers who work at MAC. While many employees were able to make use of our emergency service leave entitlements we also recognise that equally as many employees were volunteering at fire events during their time off and we extend our gratitude to all volunteers their efforts", he said. 

More info on the RFS supportive employer program can be found here: https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/volunteer/supportive-employer.

Image credit: BHP