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Local artist Dan Bianco livening up the Muswellbrook Marketplace carpark and raising money for WIRES


Local artist Dan Biano is livening up the Muswellbrook Marketplace carpark and raising money for WIRES. 

This week, the Muswellbrook born and bred artist is painting a wall near JobLink, covering it in beautiful Acacia pendula branches. 

Dan said the Marketplace got in touch and he couldn't wait to do it.

"The Muswellbrook Marketplace got in contact with me about six months ago and they wanted to liven up the walls here at the carpark and I took it on head first, so here I am."

"It's the Acacia pendula, my sources tell me its a rare plant Australia wide but more widely found in Muswellbrook so it was quite fitting to paint this here and maybe spread a bit of awareness about how fragile our environment is," Dan said.

He said he's aiming to have it complete by tomorrow afternoon. 

Dan is also raffling off one of his original paintings of a koala with 100% of the proceeds going to wildlife organisation WIRES.

"I started just before Christmas but its taken a couple of months to get to the finish line but I've completed it now and 100% of proceeds will go to WIRES."

"For me it was an easy decision who to choose to donate the funds to. I think a majority of people who decide to donate often choose organizations that help people and communities that have been directly affected; obviously this is great and it’s so amazing to see power of the people banding together to help one another but on the flip I think a lot people forget the devastating impact that these fires have had on our wildlife! This goes from koalas and well beyond."

"It’s heartbreaking to hear the sheer magnitude of what our wildlife is battling currently,"

"To think entire ecosystems could very well not ever return is nothing short of devastating, that said if I can do my part to contribute to the help that Wires already do, then I will!"

If you'd like to buy a raffle ticket head to Dan's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/danbiancoswork/ 


Image credit: Grant Broadcasters/Jessica Rouse