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Hunter Valley Police District seeing increasing number of fraud cases


The Hunter Valley Police (HVPD) is seeing an increasing number of fraud cases. 

This week in just 24 hours they had seven cases of fraud reported. 

One of the reports was involved the victim selling his vehicle online and the offender gave them a story about his money being held up by a freight company that he had got to deliver the vehicle and if the victim paid a deposit into the freight company's account then his money would be released and the victim would be paid.

The account given was the offenders account that was for a fake company. Thankfully the bank picked up on the odd behaviour and helped stop the elderly victim from losing his money.

Other cases included buying items from people on property selling sites and the victims never receiving the items. 

HVPD Superintendent Chad Gillies said you have to be very vigilant these days.

"My message is that fraud takes so many forms. We have really sophisticated syndicates that work online but closer to home we also have incidences of family and friends have people take advantage of them and use their cards in basic fraud such as pay wave and online applications, etc."

"You need to be across your individual circumstances, and be vigilant, keep an eye on your bank account and if you detect or suspect something is not right you need to make those inquiries immediately with your financial institution or contact your local police and we can provide some advice and assistance as best as possible to try and prevent you becoming a victim," said Superintendent Gillies.

"Unfortunately with these kinds of things it can happen so quickly and it can have a huge  impact on you not just financially but on your whole way of life and people have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in really quick time so fraud is a huge risk and it can impact on any one of us at any time."

Be vigilant and suspicious, especially when it involves your money.

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters