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Man caught doing 154km/hr in a 100km zone in the Hunter during Operation Slow Down


A driver was caught doing 154km/hr in a 100km zone in the Hunter Valley during Operation Slow Down. 

Hunter Valley Highway patrol were on the New England Highway at Belford just after 4:30pm on Sunday, 6th October, when they saw a silver Suburu Liberty sedan travelling well in excess of the 100kph speed limit. 

Police checked the speed and clocked the driver doing 154kph.

The vehicle was stopped a short time later and the 19-year-old male driver from Morisset was spoken to. 

The driver was found to have gotten his P2 licence only two days ago and he was subject to a roadside breath test which returned a negative result.

The 19-year-old was hit with a penalty notice for Exceed Speed Limit - Over 45kph, that led to a $2482 fine and the loss of 12 demerit points. 

Penalties didn't stop there, his licence was suspended for six months and the registration of the vehicle was cancelled for three months. 

Across the state, NSW Police have been out in force putting Operation Slow Down into action and unfortunately four lives have been lost. 

With the long weekend road toll now at four, Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, Traffic & Highway Patrol Commander, says it is disappointing people continue to risk theirs and others safety while behind the wheel.

“Unfortunately, four people have died on the roads in three days. While most people are doing the right thing, it is frustrating to see people continue to drink and drive or speed, despite our continued appeals."

“It is frustrating for Police to see so many motorists doing the wrong thing when we are doing so much to get the message out to drivers about personal accountability."

“While we will continue to stop those motorists, we need this to be a combined effort with all road users," Assistant Commissioner Corby said. 

The statistics for NSW as of Monday afternoon:

Speed infringements: 3,466

Breath tests: 139,618

PCA charges: 159

Major crashes: 242

Image credit: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force