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Confusion today over just where Muswellbrook Shire Council are moving to


There has been confusion today over just where Muswellbrook Shire Council will be moving to.

Council has been planning to move their administration building to make way for the Richard Gill Music Academy which will be opening at their current location on Maitland Street Muswellbrook in 2020.

There have been a number of options that Council has been looking into.

This morning on ABC Radio Upper Hunter Council's General Manager Fiona Plesman said they intend to move to Campbells Corner in the CBD and have been working closely with Metcash the leaseholders with IGA and have come to an agreement - but Mayor Martin Rush denied that this morning at the Muswellbrook Chamber of Commerce and Industry Breakfast.

He said that there was no agreement in place and Campbells Corner was just one of the options they were looking at and when they had a finalised agreement, the community would be informed.

It has created some confusion prompting Council to release a statement this afternoon:

Council accepts that the comments have generated confusion. What was intended to be relayed to the community was that broad principles of agreement have been reached and that the details remain to be sorted through before the agreement is signed.

Metcash approached Council some time ago seeking to reduce its footprint in the Campbells Corner building and Council has been in discussions with the operators of the IGA supermarket to accommodate the request. 

A reduction in the footprint has also been identified by Council as a possible interim solution to Council’s relocation to Muswellbrook’s CBD.  Campbells Corner is only one option and no agreement has been finalised.

Council has confirmed that if it were to take up this option it would have no impact on carparking as Council has developed a carparking plan which does not use the Campbells Corner carpark.

Should an agreement be reached between Metcash and Council, Council would seek to renovate an existing unused space to accommodate its staff.  IGA would be the only tenant to be impacted.

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters/Jessica Rouse