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Tasmanian Devils living their best life in the snow at the Barrington Tops


Tasmanian Devils are living their best life at the Barrington Tops after a dusting of snow this week. 

Aussie Ark is home to more than 250 endangered animals, including Tasmanian Devils, Eastern quolls, Parma Wallabies and Long-nosed potoroos who have all enjoyed a blanket of snow over the last couple of days. 

Aussie Ark keeper Max Jackson said the snow is a nice change for them too.

"It's a nice change from the cold rain from the cold rain from the previous day, at least snow comes with all of the scenic stuff!"

"The animals that we've got here re used to this kind of climate, it snows up here each year once or twice and they all know what to do but even in the wild they are from areas that do snow,"

"They [Tasmanian Devils] fluff up their fur and get super fluffy and cute, a lot of the Parma Wallabies and stuff will huddle up together and use each other for warmth and the smaller ones like the southern brown bandicoots will go into little burrows and use the soil as insulation," said Max Jackson. 

Being the end of the Devil breeding season, the Tasmanian Devil joeys are making the most of the warmth in their mum’s pouches while they can.  

Image credit: Aussie Ark Keeper Max Jackson