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NSW EPA hits JBS at Scone with a fine for leaving open a door letting out a stink


The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has hit JBS Australia at Scone with a fine for leaving open a door letting out a stink.

JBS has been caught out for allegedly breaching their Environment Protection license when they were noticed by an EPA officer leaving a large roller door open that goes into the abattoir - it's a requirement that the door stay closed when not in use to help minimise odours. 

The company was fined $15,000.

“The process of rendering converts waste animal tissue into useable proteins. This can produce strong odours. It is alleged that for 16 days, by failing to repair the roller door after it was damaged by a truck, JBS Australia failed to operate in a proper and efficient manner and potentially exposed the surrounding community to offensive odours,” EPA Acting Director Hunter Lindsay Fulloon said.

“The EPA believes the doorway remained open for 16 days until directions were issued to close it.”

The EPA received a number of complaints about odour from the surrounding community during the time the door remained open.

The EPA is working with JBS to improve environmental performance at the abattoir, including a commitment from JBS to install an additional odour capture system within the rendering plant. That commitment has been included on their Environment Protection Licence.  

Image credit: Scone Advocate, June 2019